born: 4/25/1997     sire: SHANSUKO'S MOUNTAIN MAN     dam: SHANSUKO'S HELEN OF TROY


RICKY is tested NORMAL for:

von Willebrand's Factor, T4, BUN, Creatine, Liver function, tear production, cardiac function.

AKC DNA Profile # V 32741

OFA Patellas Clear -  # SHT-PA76/19/M/P-T

OFA Hips - Pending

CERF - SHT683/2000-35




As an adult, RICKY displays every point of the standard 

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The future Star at 15 months

RICKY, a rich red-gold Shih Tzu, finished his Championship at 18 months of age, came home for some R & R, then returned to the show ring a couple of months later - promptly winning "Toy Group 2"  his first trip into the group ring.

Retired July, 1999: RICKY ranked # 6 Shih Tzu in the country at the time, according to TOP NOTCH TOYS magazine.

***** FLASH *****

RICKY received an invitation to the Cleveland Crown Classic Dog Show and to a celebration of his Top 20 placement for the year! This "by invitation only" show was televised and was sponsored by the Iams Company and Animal Planet.

*****  MAY, 2000  *****

Although RICKY hasn't been shown since July, 1999, he has only dropped in the rankings to 31st place

At stud to approved bitches only