The lake itself is a living thing, constantly changing, it's mood swinging from mild to malicious, and back again.

The creatures within it are a never ending source of entertainment.

You are always looking to find what has never revealed itself before, or is even entirely new - like the Talapia, blown almost 4 miles inland by the hurricanes of 2004, they found their way through the overflow pipes into our lake.

The dock is a wonderful escape from the hot, Florida sun

This beautiful Egret visits every day
Flowers, like these gorgeous Geraniums, thrive on the dock
This web footed friend (a Terrapin turtle) is a frequent moocher - potato chips are a favorite



Another view of the Lake - 1998


Zinnias last a long time in spite of the heat

  This is actually the "new" dock, replacing the old one in 2002

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