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wasp.jpg (73759 bytes) I was very surprised to discover that this breed of red Wasps love the nectar of the Milkweed flowers. They outnumbered all other types of insects visiting the plants, even butterflies.


     cocked-dragonfly.jpg (40818 bytes)     

I finally caught a picture of a Dragonfly "cocked" to spring at his prey.


The leaf-cutting Bee is so difficult to catch at their work, they are nicknamed the"Phantom-bee". This one had just cut her piece of leaf & was shifting it so it would fold under her body while she flew to the nest she was building.  


spider.jpg (73300 bytes) Believe it or not - Spiders are really tough to photograph. As with this Argiope Garden Spider, the light conditions as well as physical location are usually very difficult.

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