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That share the Farm with us



In the evenings , during breeding season, many turtles will congregate for "Happy Hour"



A few years ago, we had such a sudden cold snap, the water in the lake "rolled over" - the oxygen rich, cold water on top sunk under & pushed up, the oxygen poor water from the bottom.

The result was that about10-15% of the aquatic animal life died.

The vultures & 1 eagle had their own feast on Thanksgiving Day





I believe this is the primary culprit in the decline of native tree frogs & maybe other species as well.

They have ENORMOUS mouths

At at the same time these Cuban Toads were becoming more numerous, other amphibians were disappearing

These Toads are very docile - probably people set pets free & so the nightmare began




 A comparison of 3 similar snakes, but only 1 is poisonous



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